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Benny Loves You (2019)  

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Though the Childrens Play and Puppet Master series are not exactly rampant with masterworks, their sheer pleasures are somewhat guilt-free than what the genre's latest entry: Benny Loves You can bring on more laughs than it spits out. A coming of age story, the movie revolves around the (supposedly) haunted house in which a little girl grows up. There are mirrors everywhere, a stairwell that leads directly to her room, and her very own "pet" dog that barks at her from the stairs every time she goes down them. The owner, played by the adorable Danny de Munk, has become a sort of mentor to the young girl, teaching her about life and love and warning her not to get too comfortable or too attached to anyone and everything around her because she might get burned. Though she is a bit naive, Benny's innocent and delicate qualities become stronger as the film progresses.

The film actually works quite well as a coming of age story, especially considering the era in which it tells its tale. This is also a very light-hearted film filled with fun characters, a loveable cast, and great music scores. If you are one of those people who love watching independent films without having to put in too much effort into the plot, then you will likely enjoy this one quite a lot. If you are one of those people who want to see an absolutely amazing and thought-provoking performance from a lead role as good as Danny de Munk in Benny Loves You, then you may want to check out this first.

Some of the best moments in this film involve the performances of Danny de Munk as the father, Dan Aykroyd as his son, Ben Kingsley as the sarcastic dog, and Jennifer Aniston agency, who plays the character of Dan's girlfriend. In fact, many people probably got these three characters wrong, because they all performed quite well, except perhaps Jennifer Aniston. Regardless, you will probably enjoy the full movie if you like chick flicks, especially if you have not seen it before.

This movie loves to remind us of our childhoods, and that is what makes it so very enjoyable. It is also quite funny and at times can be very exciting as a result. Much of the humor derives from the way that both the adults and the children react to the events unfolding.

This movie actually has a few different endings, but I will tell you the ending that I personally love. In the second act, after Ben Kingsley and Danny De Munk's character kiss, a plane crashes in front of them, killing Becaberry and injuring Dan Aykroyd. When they are given a brief time span to react, they both try to kiss Dan, but he backs off, saying that he has things to do. So, after saying goodbye to each other, Becaberry decides to go off to college while Dan goes back to try to win his love back.

While this movie is funnier at times, it is not very funny at others, and I felt that it could have been cut a little shorter. Regardless, this movie is worth a watch and is sure to give you some good laughs. If you like chick flicks that have a happy ending, then you will definitely want to watch Benny loves you, and I know that I do. I truly enjoyed watching this movie and recommend that you watch it as well.

Rating: 6.9  | IMDb
Genres: Comedy , Horror  | Duration: 94 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 6.9 / 10 (739 votes)
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