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Annabelle Comes Home (2019)  

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Lorrain Warren passed away recently, the medium who, together with her husband Ed, inspired the Warren Records films as well as their extensive and quite lucrative universe. Already in the first film of the saga we saw that the marriage had a room in their own house where they collected the evil and demonized objects that they had encountered during their ‘missions’. A museum that can still be visited after his death (for the modest price of $169 per person).

And it is precisely there, in the occult museum, where there is a special object that condenses the greatest source of evil known to the Warren: the Annabelle doll. It also seems to be the object that arouses most curiosity, because with Annabelle Comes Home there are already three films dedicated to the sinister doll.

If you have seen an image of the real doll you will have observed that it has very little resemblance to the doll of the movie. While in the movie the doll is made of porcelain, it has two long braids, an elegant white dress and an evil laugh appears, the real one is a rag doll with a nice face, wool hair, huge eyes and a funny triangular nose. But of course, the real doll was not scary enough, so they decided to change the design until it became the perfect girlfriend for Chucky.

While the resemblance is practically nil, the story they told in Annabelle's first film is based on the real story of the doll. And how, supposedly possessed by a demon in search of souls, drove a nursing student and her roommates crazy until the Warren helped them by getting rid of her. On the contrary, both Anabelle 2, and Anabelle Comes Home, do not rely on real events but take advantage of Annabelle's interest to create new stories around her. Because in the end, who resists a good scare?

Although Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson appear in the credits, the film is not about the Warren, at least about the Warren marriage (we'll have a third of their saga next year). Both Ed and Lorrain have their moments in the film but the protagonist of Anabelle 3 (apart from the doll) is Judy, the daughter of the marriage. It should be added that although the story is fictional, Judy is real.

Annabelle Comes Home begins with the end of the first, when the Warren rid the young students of the devilish doll and take her home by locking her in a blessed urn to curb her power. But when they leave for a weekend, leaving a babysitter in the care of little Judy, the curiosity of a teenager will make Annabelle free from her confinement and return to the wanderings in search of a soul to torment. She will also take advantage of all the demonized objects of the Warren museum to turn the weekend into a real hell for both the girl and the teenager in charge.

When we talk about the Warren universe we talk about a very particular universe that drinks from the classic scares creating a unique atmosphere where the lights and sounds are essential to keep us in tension until the final burst makes us jump out of the seat. And although James Wan has only directed two of the films, his essence has inspired all the others.

Annabelle Comes Home comes back with that same formula to generate terror, although it does add something we had never seen inside the saga: humor. And curiously it works great. Perhaps because taking teenagers as protagonists taking it more seriously would have been a big mistake. Especially when you have the opportunity to turn one of them into the comic gag that enlivens the environment.

Another success has been that for the first time the film was based on that Warren museum, a room that we always saw surrounding but in which until now they had not been able to deepen. Thanks to Annabelle we have been able to discover other objects that are in the museum, such as the cursed wedding dress, the piano of terror or the mirror of the Myrtles plantation. All of the possible spin-offs that seeing the rhythm at which the universe is going will not surprise us to see them soon.

Finally, talk about the protagonist is Mckenna Grace, one of the prodigy girls of Hollywood today who seems to develop perfectly in terror

Not everything in the Warren universe has to be negative and dark, there is also room for love, goodness, and forgiveness. And why not, also for humor, as Annabelle has shown.

Rating: 7.1  | IMDb
Genres: Horror , Mystery , Thriller  | Duration: 106 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 7.1 / 10 (2811 votes)
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