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Ad Astra (2019)  

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Ad Astra

Ethan Gross by 20th Century Fox, under the direction of James Gray and the production of Brad Pitt, presents the science fiction space cinematographic work Ad Astra; it was released on September 20th of two thousand nineteen.

The film is set in the distant future, and tells the story of space travelers trying to find intelligent life in the confines of the solar system; with incredible images of what can be found beyond our borders.

Our solar system is being affected by a string of energy flashes that had never been experienced; this puts the different security and space research agencies on alert, resulting in a dangerous imbalance that could put the entire life of the planet at risk.

The investigations show that these flashes could come from the same point where the crew of the “Lima Project” is believed to disappear, a SpaceCom mission commanded by astronaut H. Clifford MacBride; of which there is no information for more than fifteen years; This mission was to travel the confines of the solar system in search of intelligent life and establish a space camp on the planet Neptune.

Back to the present, the US Air Force astronaut Major Roy MacBride is performing routine repairs on the outside of the hull of the international space station; at that moment it is reached by one of the flashes of energy, which is expelled directly to the mesosphere and goes free fall into the earth.

Incredibly the astronaut MacBride manages to survive, however he is being held at the SpaceCom base for routine and safety checks; at that time a space mission is posed to the planet Mars commanded by General Pruitt; Major Roy MacBride learns that there is a small possibility that his father is alive in space.

Pruitt, who was very close to H. Clifford, proposes the mission to the intrepid astronaut, to which Roy responds immediately; decision that will have an important weight in his family future, but it is something that does not seem to matter much.

When it is time to leave, both officers take a commercial flight to the Moon, where a commission from the space army awaits them to take them to the SpaceCom launch base, which is at a farthest point in reference to the earth; as they move to the edge of the lunar rovers, they are attacked by space pirates, which seriously injure General Pruitt.

Upon arriving at the SpaceCom base, Pruitt's severity leaves him in intensive care; Major MacBride takes command of the mission and aboard the ferry Cepheus; already in orbit receive a distress signal issued by a Norwegian biomedicine research station; the captain of the ship goes to the call despite the refusal of Major Roy.

When they arrive they find the facilities totally empty, they get the bodies of the crew dismembered; when they are suddenly attacked by a genetically modified baboon; This almost kills the captain, but Roy with his indescribable calm manages to defend himself and even lock the creature in a capsule and then throw it into space and cause his death.

Upon reaching the Martian orbit, the Cepheus is hit by a flash of energy that manages to break down some controls, including the autopilot; with the death of the captain and the second officer's panic, Roy takes command of the cabin and manages to land the ferry.

Helen Lantos, director of SpaceCom facilities on the red planet, is waiting for you on the planet Mars; There he must begin the investigations of the whereabouts of the Lima project crew, Roy's first task will be to record a message for his father that later transmitted through the space waiting for answers.

Rating: 6.6  | IMDb
Genres: Drama , Science Fiction  | Duration: 123 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 6.6 / 10 (5067 votes)
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