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6 Underground (2019)  

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Do not be so detailed when watching this type of movies, a movie like 6 Underground. Yes, we understand that Hollywood seems to be running out of ideas and that it is currently more preferable to make films or series that remind us of other films or that use certain elements of different genres to put them all together and get a "new product." 6 Underground is nothing new, it could even be a Fast and Furious spin off, but that doesn't mean it's a mediocre product, watch it now to see for yourself.

The first 20 minutes of the movie are complete madness. The details and resources used by the well-known Michael Bay in terms of acrobatics, slow cameras and obviously mega explosions are too noticeable. All these technical issues, along with a photograph and management of general plans that are really impressive when showing us the different scenarios where our main characters are moving.

The characters fulfill the qualities of knowing a little about them, understanding that at the beginning they are not a family but in the end they are, and an endless number of comments and situations that we already know for this kind of films. Ryan Reynolds is the best in the movie but it is not that he stands out much with his performance because after all he continues to use sarcasm, absurd comedy and that grotesque attitude that we all already know from Deadpool. The rest of the cast works, and although the script doesn't help them much, they all have very good chemistry.

We repeat, 6 Underground is one more action movie, a lot of blood and mega explosions (as only Bay knows how to do) everywhere, that are well achieved, but that fail to accompany a simple and simple plot that will be quite forgettable once finished to see

That the script written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese does not make the slightest sense is something that should surprise few. It raises a crazy situation and affirms that it will be resolved in a certain way, and the way to get between the two points is one without surprises, deviations or alterations. He can be credited with delivering exactly what he promises: a mission where six charismatic characters will stop a bland antagonist, who comes in the form of a cold dictator who has his people controlled by fear. An attempt is made to explain where each of the team members comes from, and although segments like those of Ben Hardy and his "Four" - each one is a different number - are loaded with adrenaline, there are others such as those dedicated to Mélanie Laurent (Dos) and Manuel García-Rulfo (Tres) who contribute little or nothing.

But nobody wants to see a Bay movie because of its script, and if Six Underground is considered to be a show driven by more than 150 million dollars - it is one of Netflix's most expensive films - the result is far more than true. The American filmmaker is one who has always tried to make each plane look the most expensive and spectacular in history, something that boosted his career as an advertising director and that, as a commercial filmmaker, gives him an inspired style that rarely it's found. His style is still chaotic, but that the cameras are more stable than ever, as well as a very pleasant use of color, make his action scenes some of the most solid in his explosive filmography. The combination of shootings, melee fights and parkour is genuinely impressive, and it helps that the CGI is virtually imperceptible.

Is 6 Underground the best Bay movie? At no time does that seem to be his intention, but it is, at least since that sequel starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, which combines with greater skill the peculiar ambitions of the filmmaker with the big budget. His characters - if they can be called that - are pleasant and his action is up to par, with what the first collaboration between Netflix and the lord of the explosions - a pair that probably repeats in the future - is an entertainment that It never hides what it is: a comfortable journey with great views and little turbulence to watch online.

Rating: 7.1  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Comedy , Thriller  | Duration: 128 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 7.1 / 10 (3978 votes)
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