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Abducted (2018)  

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Have you ever heard about a case called Abducted? In this movie, a father finds his daughter taken away by terrorists. They force her to marry an enemy and then take off with her to serve the purpose of the terrorist group. The father struggles to free his daughter and get her back safely, but ultimately she's left in an old home. This film is directed by Tom Hooper and written by David Blumberg.

In international law, kidnap is the voluntary, intentional transportation, possession and captivity of a person contrary to his will, against his will. It can be also defined as false imprisonment through abduction, both of these being separate felonies that if committed together merge into the single act of international kidnapping. In the United States, there are three types of human rights abuses involving children that can amount to child abuse or neglect: parental kidnapping, child trafficking and child kidnapping for the purpose of slavery. Each one of these is a violation of U.S. federal law. The Federal government has been successful in convicting and sentencing those who commit these abuses, but there continue to be many cases of exploited children worldwide who are abused for profit.

Children who are abducted are not only missing. Some may have willingly given up their freedom and been taken for the duration of an ordeal that amounts to prolonged captivity. Abducted children may end up in an abusive environment, where they have a physical or mental abuse, sexual assault, or death at the hands of the captors. There have been many cases of Abducted teenagers being forced to become sex slaves or servants in pedophilic networks, or even having their lives threatened in different ways.

Most cases of abducted and missing children are reported through local police departments, human rights organizations and international agencies like the United Nations Children's Protection Fund (UNICEF). These organizations assist in the identification, rescue and safe recovery of abducted children. They conduct joint investigations with agencies in the national security sector and share information on investigations, victims and leads that have resulted from their efforts. They also train missing children to help them inform people they know about their situation and to contact them if they have any contacts in the outside world. The internet has also been a great source of information for many abductees, since they can use social media to contact their families or anyone who might be interested in them. The internet has also been a tool to raise public awareness about issues related to child abuse and trafficking.

It is important to note that child abuse and trafficking cannot be limited to one geographic area or one type of crime. There are various dimensions of child abuse and trafficking, including recruitment and enticement of minors by either adults or organized groups, deprivation of children for payment or sale, forcing children to perform services like prostitution or slavery, and physical or sexual abuse. Abducted children have generally been maltreated, although in some cases, children have been deliberately abused. In instances of children being forcibly separated from their families or lured into the sex trade because of their appearance or gender, international and local laws and provisions addressing child trafficking and other forms of child abuse have been weak or ineffective in stopping the problem.

While there has been an increase in reported abductions of children worldwide over the past decade, the majority of reported cases are typically of domestic or interpersonal violence committed by strangers. Abducted children, even when not forcefully abducted, can be subjected to intense emotional and psychological stress because of their circumstances. In many cases, the trauma experienced by a child subjected to domestic or interpersonal violence can lead to unhealthy responses that may include depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and addiction. Effective measures have been developed and continue to be developed to address issues of child trafficking and domestic violence, in order to prevent the incidence and manifestations of abuses against children.

Rating: 6.9  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Crime , Drama  | Duration: 110 min  | Year: 2018

Average: 6.9 / 10 (424 votes)
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