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Doctor Strange (2016)  

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Marvel adds a new character to its widely famous repertoire and, this time, expands its cinematic universe a little more by adding a touch of mysticism to the ensemble, we all know that by this date, Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame have done a pretty good job expanding the MCU to epic levels we couldn't even imagine before, but still, Doctor Strange was a movie that, by the time it was released, messed up what we knew about this universe at the time. The result is the same old formula: a formula that doesn't marvel, or add anything to a genre that, now, seems stagnant.

Scott Derrickson, accustomed to low-budget horror movies, is the director in charge of presenting in society Dr. Stephen Strange (played the British talent Benedict Cumberbatch), a surgeon with an air of greatness, brilliant, although a little megalomaniac. A Cumberbatch the paper fits perfectly because he is used to such characters, but we saw the story a thousand times, with other colors, other shapes, and other villains.

Marvel cannot (and apparently does not want) to escape the heroic fable structure, the forced joke, and the generic antagonists. Doctor Strange, a movie produced by Marvel studios back in 2016 has all the necessary elements to become a great dramatic story and, incidentally, play with the magical universe, but it stays in the character and in a couple of visual tricks that, Despite being impressive, they do not justify the whole.

Derrickson and his co-writer Jon Spaihts tell us a half-origin story, of our Doctor Strange who, after a car accident, loses the use of his hands - his fundamental work tool - and will do whatever it takes to regain his prestige. After discovering that a former paraplegic patient regained mobility, Stephen heads to Kamar-Taj in the Himalayas to learn a very different type of healing. The good doctor must put his ego aside and try to open his mind to a world of possibilities and alternate dimensions. A little reluctant at first, the Ancestral (Ancient One) - Supreme Engineer, played by Tilda Swinton - refuses to introduce the doctor into the mystical arts due to his lack of faith and arrogance, so to speak. Strange is destined to become much more than just a doctor, although he doesn't see it yet.

While Stephen trains with others and acquires skills, Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen), a renegade sorcerer and his followers, is devising a plan to unleash the power of the Dark Dimension on the face of the earth. The rest, you can imagine.

The most interesting, from the visual aspect, are the different dimensions that Derrickson builds. Comparisons with the famous movie Inception from 2010 are inevitable, although here everything is exacerbated to the ninth power and with enough psychedelia in between.

It is a bit annoying that the villain is so flat, that Strange is very gifted when it comes to learning these new disciplines and that humor, almost childish, spoil the minor moments of the plot.

For the rest, Doctor Strange is a correct film, like everything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The difference is that here there are no superheroes with powers, but a very different approach to how to fight the dark forces.

The story cannot escape the moral and the lack of a female character of weight to the plot. Swinton doesn't count because he plays the role of mentor and sorcerer, and Rachel McAdams is barely given a few minutes on screen. A film of origins, at the height of Ant-Man, from 2015, which promises much more for the future (that is, an infinity of sequels) and the possibility of connecting with your superhero companions.

Rating: 8  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Science Fiction  | Duration: 115 min  | Year: 2016

Average: 8 / 10 (18543 votes)
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