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John Wick (2014)  

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  US Flag    Quality: Quality HD  

Summit Entertainment, led by director Chad Stahelski and under the production of the quartet formed by the beautiful Eva Longoria, Basil Iwanyk, David Lench and Michael Witherill, brings to the big screen an action and violence film starring the first actor Keanu Reeves.

It all starts when the best hitman in the mafia, known as John Wick, decides to retire to start a new life and marry his beloved Helen; but it is not as easy as it seems, behind that decision weigh very important issues, however John changes all aspects of his life and leaves his dark life behind.

Unfortunately, his beloved wife and central axis of his world dies; it's devastating for him, everything falls apart, but one day he receives a pleasant surprise; Helen had given her a small puppy before he died to keep her company and always remember her.

One of John's passions are classic cars; owns a great Ford Mustang 429 of the year 1969; to keep it impeccable it is an addiction, and even an obligation; one day he goes for a walk with the puppy, and they decide to stop at a service station to load fuel.

An elegant black sedan arrives at the same place, three young subjects get off, one of them enters the store to buy cigarettes, and the other two wait outside; the youngest is dazzled by John's Mustang; He approaches and asks what his sale price would be, to which he replies that it is not for sale; but the young man does not like his answer and in Russian he says that every moron has a price; to which John also responds in Russian, that he is priceless.

The other two subjects leave the store and contain the young bully and get him into the car; John starts and goes on his way, goes to an old airstrip to drive his Mustang at full speed.

Back home at night, the puppy suddenly awakens John, he thinks it needs to go out to the garden to do his needs, when he goes downstairs he is surprised with a strong blow to the neck that throws the floor; these are three subjects who broke into his house, desperately looking for the keys of the Mustang, John identifies them as the subjects of the service station; once they get the car keys, the young man decides that he should teach him a lesson and kill the innocent puppy, and then leave Wick unaware of a blow to the head.

The young thief takes the Mustang to a recognized car shop; Aurelio the workshop owner incessantly asks where he got the vehicle, to which he replies that he stole it from a poor devil and also killed his dog to teach him a lesson.

Aurelio is furious, he knows who owns the Mustang, so he orders him to take him out of his workshop, the young defiant orders him to do what he says; Aurelio turns and gives him a direct blow to the face and breaks his mouth; The young offender is the son of one of the heads of the Russian New York Mafia, Viggo Tarasov.

The next day John visits Aurelio's workshop, he explains that it has nothing to do with theft; and tells him that the culprit is Yosef Tarazov, the youngest son of Russian chief Viggo Tarasov whom John knows very well, since they worked together in the past.

Viggo finds out about the stupidity that his immature son committed; so he calls him, first of all, he gives him a couple of blows that leave him breathless; and then let him know that he is a dead man, John Wick, the most effective murderer in the underworld, never fails and surely this will not be the first time.

Viggo will do everything possible to save his son, but he knows that eliminating John is almost impossible.

Rating: 7.3  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Thriller  | Duration: 101 min  | Year: 2014

Average: 7.3 / 10 (12458 votes)
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