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Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)  

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Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Marvel Universe brings to the big screen and real action format the original comics of two thousand eight Guardians of the Galaxy. It was produced by Marvel Studio and distributed by Disney Pictures. It comes from the hand of director James Gunn, in collaboration with Kevin Feige in production, the script adaptation was also in charge of James Gunn. It was released in September of two thousand fourteen.

 This film begins phase two of the MCU, and with it the trajectory of the most powerful villain that we have known in the Marvel Universe, we will refer to the powerful Thanos, who seeks to balance the balance of the universe using the gems of infinity.

This film explains for the first time that they are the gems of infinity and their importance, although we have already seen them in previous films such as “Captain America the First Avenger”, “Thor the Dark World” and “Avengers”, with this delivery we will thoroughly understand its purpose, and its unparalleled power.

Undoubtedly one of the successes of this film is its unique soundtrack, I manage to catch all kinds of audiences, from the most children, making them known a great musical repertoire of the seventies and eighties, to the most adult who They enjoyed to the fullest.

Photography and special effects also deserve a separate recognition, since along with the soundtrack, it was the other great success of the film. The great images they achieved from outer space are great, the design of a whole futuristic universe and the sound effects, everything fits perfectly achieving a great movie.

Let's know a little more about Guardians of the Galaxy. The story begins with a boy named Peter Quill; who is in a hospital ward accompanying his sick and evicted mother who dies from a head tumor. Peter full of pain and sadness flees from the hospital and runs through the forest, where he is intercepted by a ship of the devastators, who take him to his leader Yondu Udonta, who raises him as another member of the clan of space pirates.

Twenty years later we see Peter become a man, landing on the planet MORAG, which houses a precious treasure that everyone seeks, the Orb, which he obtains without much effort thanks to the strategies learned from the devastators and his mentor Yondu.

Peter confronts the men of Ronan the destroyer, who also seek the Orb on the orders of Thanos; but he manages to flee successfully and goes to Xandar to sell it, there he takes with Gamora and two other bounty hunters looking for the Orb, the genetically modified raccoon called Rocket and his friend Groot, a rare tree species almost extinct.

After a wild fight the four are captured by Novacorps forces, and sent to a maximum security prison in the space called Kyln. There they meet Drax, a survivor who seeks revenge for the death of his family at the hands of Thanos.

The quintet must join forces to escape the prison and sell the Orb, but during the course of history they will understand that the important thing is to fight Ronan and save the Galaxy. Preventing Thanos from taking over the Power Gem will be the true mission of the Guardians.

The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise will bet on two more sequels, Vol. 2 that has a launch date for the year two thousand and seventeen, and for which director James Gunn has already signed a contract, just like the protagonists.

Vol.3 is within the plans of Marvel Studios and Disney, but no further details are known, it is expected to participate in phase four of the MCU.

Rating: 8  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Adventure , Science Fiction  | Duration: 121 min  | Year: 2014

Average: 8 / 10 (21789 votes)
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