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The Haunting of Helena (2013)  

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The Haunting of Helena is a new online serial based on the novel The Haunting of Helena. It is the nineteenth installment in the series ad cinema series, and the third in the Harry potter series overall. However, what I find most intriguing about this movie is that despite its eerie, ghostly style, there is actually quite a lot of light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

The movie starts with Harry Potter and Bella Swan waiting for their friend Mr. Van De Graaff at a train station in England. Van De Graaff was a war reporter who had witnessed the Battle of Hogwarts and had left to deliver messages for his family. But while he was away, his aide stabbed him to death and left Bella with her friends, who are searching for a ghost story called Helena. Naturally, they learn that it is called The Haunting of Helena.

With the help of enchanted objects and other mediums called patron, the group finds themselves haunted by the spirit of Van De Graaff. The ghost story, according to the official synopsis, is about a teenage girl who is killed during a vampire attack, and who haunts the girls she loves. As they try to escape the haunted house, the girls become possessed by the spirit, and fight against their supernatural enemies. The Haunting of Helena has been compared to the Twilight Zone, and is widely expected to be one of the best horror movies of 2021.

The Haunting of Helena was shot on location in Italy and appears to take place in the Dolomites. However, the actual setting is not revealed, nor were any actual plates used during filming. The director did state that the movie takes place in the Dolomites, though, and had no further comments. There are a number of different locations where The Haunting of Helena can be found, but it can be assumed that the real location was somewhere in the Dolomites. It is possible that the film takes place outside of Europe as well, but this remains unconfirmed. There are some rumors that The Haunting of Helena was filmed in Australia, but this has never been confirmed.

The movie includes many amazing scenes, and even includes a classic Italian horror scene: the brief opening of the elevator that takes you up to the top of the building, where there is a vicious dog attacking a young girl. The elevator, or rather the ghost that is operating the elevator, attacks a couple of young men who happen to pass by and the "punch" that the ghost sends them takes them through the open elevator shaft. The elevator then goes on to the main level of the building, where the vicious dog is stopped short by a surprised security guard. In the process, one of the guards fires a shot accidentally, killing the dog. The movie ends with the security guard slowly dying from a bullet wound to the head. The strange thing about this sequence is that there are no visible wounds, bruises, or signs of any struggle on the bodies.

The Haunting of Helena is based on a true story, and is a brilliant film. It is extremely realistic, and the acting is sometimes very good. The production design of the film looks extremely real, and the special effects are mostly just the normal night lighting you would expect to see in an Italian horror film. Despite this, The Haunting of Helena is not a great movie. It's story is weak and there are many inconsistencies, but it is entertaining if you have an interest in the novel. For those who aren't into the supernatural, this is a good start for you to explore the idea of the hauntings of the past.

Rating: 6.5  | IMDb
Genres: Horror , Thriller  | Duration: 87 min  | Year: 2013

Average: 6.5 / 10 (796 votes)
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