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The Avengers (2012)  

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The role of the hero is a fundamental part of the myths of war. Its extraordinarily human characteristics to people can accept war as an idealized part of human becoming. The hero has courage, strategic resources, extreme resistance to pain and suffering, loyalty to all evidence, cunning to decipher the pitfalls of the adversary and to make him fall into others even more intelligent.

The hero can rescue, that is, liberation, which applies to situations in which everything seems lost, saving prisoners, cities and goods cleanly and intelligently, in the face of the bewilderment of bad and treacherous enemies. The hero has a deep and innate sense of justice and honesty and is not bewildered by appearances and deceptions: he/she always manages to align himself with the victims and the weak.

The great heroes of antiquity have acquired mythical connotations: David defeats the giant Goliath with a simple sling; Solomon, to an entire army with his strength and his malice, although he gives his life; Hercules performs a string of heroic tasks based on intelligence and strength; Perseus refuses to resign himself to his powers of being divine and based on cunning, persistence and strength destroys the deadly Medusa. Odysseus (Ulysses), a man from home, once in inclement weather and circumstances, makes endless epic journeys.

Commercial cinema has understood well the power of heroes to drag crowds and has added an additional element: endow these characters with superpowers, with which they become superheroes. At the origin of almost all the great heroes of the cinema are the comic strip magazines, the comics, product of the artistic capacity and imagination of many writers and cartoonists. These magazines attract millions of people from childhood and form stories and plots in series, in anything that plays endlessly with the confrontations of good and evil. In that way, perhaps, the hidden hero that we all have inside is released, is an archetypal, brave and fair warrior. Superpowers have no real equivalent on the human side of the universe; While there are always gifted and strong human beings, they are limited by the laws of nature and do not have the capacity to fly, to climb vertical walls, to resize at will or to see through the walls or read minds: This is part of the kingdom of the gods or the world of angels or mythical stories and legends.

But in the world of special effects cinema, there are no limitations. The field for unimaginable adventures is open and the filmmakers of The Avengers were well experienced. The working team that has made this film, in which large budgets have been invested, has been planning and experiencing this project since 2005, based on the efforts of the Marvel Studios company, owned by the Walt Disney Company. In this successful film, a whole sequence of films based on the Marvel Comics characters has been developed. The convenience of designing a universe of stories, which contain plot elements, actors and characters, has been very well understood.

In The Avengers, Marvel has dared to combine a complex and complete set of superheroes, which is still a risky venture, because by definition superheroes are based on catching the entire action in their stories. This in itself complicates things in a film with a single super-protagonist, since a sensible balance demands that there be certain parallel stories related to human and modest secondary characters. The great classic superhero tapes can show their more human side through their interaction with these secondary characters (for example, their lovers or the victims). This score also applies to the enemies of superheroes, supervillains.

Success has been achieved in this movie, The Avengers has been an impressive event. Possibly it has achieved it by a combination of factors: renowned artists, who really do not dialogue or act dramatically, immersed in spirals of vertiginous action; a saga of comics applauded by millions of fans who can see their characters in action; impeccable special effects, but so fast that they hardly give room to admiration, and a fantastic story that defies all the laws of physics. A recipe for a couple of hours of vertigo, of an endless roller coaster.

Rating: 8.1  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Adventure , Science Fiction  | Duration: 143 min  | Year: 2012

Average: 8.1 / 10 (26897 votes)
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