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Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)  

Watch Atlantis: The Lost Empire full movies

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Atlantis: The Lost Empire is the latest entry in the series of the same name which has become very popular amongst many movie fans. If you are thinking about watching this movie and are a fan of the TV show, then you must be curious about what kind of excitement awaits you. Being a newbie to the series, I am sure that you are still searching for something specific to help you understand the story, characters and the plot of the Atlantis: The Lost Empire movie.

Let me just start off by saying that Atlantis: The Lost Empire movie is one of the most exciting things that you can watch and even if you don't know much about Atlantis, this movie is definitely worth watching because of its storyline. This movie is based on the bestselling book of the same name, which was written by Michael Crichton. In the movie, there are two main heroes who serve as the primary protagonists of the story. The book says that Noah Wyle is a highly skilled scientist who created the Enigma Device to challenge Captain Nemo and the crew of the Golden Sable.

He also faced the wrath of the military and his efforts to save his fellow scientist went to waste. Aided by Nereus, the giant god of the sea, he fought against the military and won. Since the ending of the war, he begins to live on the island of Atlantis, which is also called Nessus. However, he soon found that the island is a peaceful place and people are living peacefully without any war.

At that time, many researchers began to think that the humans are not the only intelligent species in the human race and that the human race is actually part of a larger system. They call this entity the Universal Mind or the God Mind, and they said that all life in the universe comes from this Universal Mind.

The wars between the people of Atlantis started to resurface again after years of peace, and now, it seems like a full-fledged war. Since it is about peace and Atlantis, humans in order to survive are trying to make the biggest offer of obtaining the land. And the big offer includes the most expensive land in the world - Atlantis itself. There is a chance that this land might come in the hands of mankind once again.

As the war has reignited, the civilization is devastated and all kinds of creatures, including huge snakes that have been extinct for thousands of years, come back to the landscape of the world. Meanwhile, the Atlantis government suddenly realized that it has fallen in possession of one of the greatest treasures of the world - the Enigma Device that holds the secret of defeating the gods of the sea. This means that in order to save Atlantis, humans have to obtain the device and make its source known to them.

The human race is threatened and may fall into the hands of the Gods of the sea if they do not acquire the device which can bring the end of their world and Atlantis. To get the device, they will need more than the Enigma device because the God of the sea will also bring wars to their planet in order to get the device.

With all these plot twists and turns, the movie did not disappoint me and it was definitely entertaining for me. It was worth my time, because it gave me a thrilling and exciting ride that I thoroughly enjoyed watching.

Rating: 7.6  | IMDb
Genres: Adventure , Animation , Family , Science Fiction  | Duration: 95 min  | Year: 2001

Average: 7.6 / 10 (3174 votes)
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