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Schindler's List (1993)  

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It is surprising that one of the most melancholy films about World War II came from Steven Spielberg. Known for his optimism and taste for cathartic moments, Spielberg also provides scenes of weeping in Schindler's List, but this time with sadness. The film represents the maturing of the director, which reaches its peak here. If Spielberg was wrong to adopt a romantic language for the dramatic story of The Purple Color, the director spares us nothing in Schindler's List by presenting a melancholy, hard and sad work, watch now the movie to understand.

The feature features Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson), an opportunistic, seductive, black-market trader who related very well to the Nazi regime. He saw Jewish labor as a cheap solution to profit from business during the war, and he got help from the Nazi Party for that. However, what might have seemed like an attitude of a vile man has turned into one of the greatest love affairs as the German has given up all his fortune to save the lives of over a thousand Jews with the help of the Jew. Itzhak Stern (Ben Kingsley).

Anyone who knows the basics of history knows that the Nazis were defeated in World War II and, as the synopsis itself shows, will realize that Oskar Schindler saved several Jews from the Holocaust. So in the face of the protagonist's success and the German defeat in the war, why does Schindler's List become melancholy? The answer is: Spielberg transforms his story into a representation of all the suffering the Jews had at that time. No wonder the first scene in the long, still colorful, features a small group of Jews, who are not part of the plot, praying. There, the director makes it clear that he does not only intend to address character arcs, but an entire people.

Therefore, it is necessary to highlight the excellent script written by Steven Zaillian, accurately punctuating all the phases passed by Jews in the war. At first, the group suffers only from the humiliation and obligatory identification; then they are looted and driven from their homes; in the end they agonize over slave labor and holocaust. All this is presented in detail by the script, with long sequences, such as the SS soldiers invading the Jewish ghetto, making us witness the calamities that occurred with those people.

For such a sad movie, it may seem that the third act is Spielberg's sentimental breath, exaggerating at cathartic moments. But the outcome perfectly matches the rest. Schindler's admission that he is not the hero runs counter to the director's goal of highlighting Jewish resistance. The protagonist's desperation for not saving another life, on the other hand, reveals his regret for his futile life, closing his bow with precision. Finally, the choice to show the generations of Jews living thanks to Schindler matches the documentary tone of the feature, reminding us that this story is much more than a work of fiction, it is extremely real.

Certainly, the most iconic scene in Schindler's List is one featuring a little girl in red amidst black and white until she hides in a refuge before Schindler's frightened eyes, watch online the movie to understand why this scene is so hard to forget. Besides serving as a trigger for the protagonist, Spielberg points out that the feeling, sweetness and love of the world had to hide in the face of one of the greatest atrocities committed in the history of human civilization. It was not the director who drew the colors from the incident, but the authors of the war, painting our biography with heavy dark tones. Even the most optimistic director of all time has given up the color in the face of such a story.

Rating: 8.6  | IMDb
Genres: Drama , History , War  | Duration: 195 min  | Year: 1993

Average: 8.6 / 10 (9961 votes)
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