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The Godfather (1972)  

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The Godfather became an immediate success in the United States, where it became the highest grossing film so far with 120 million dollars raised, thus surpassing "What the wind took." This is what Antonio Colón, an ABC critic, tells us in 1972, watch now the movie and see what's all the fuss about.

"The Godfather" has been extracted from Mario Puzo's novel, "The Godfather," number one in the "best sellers" of the "New York Times" for sixty-seven weeks; number one also for twenty-two weeks in England ,, in Germany, Grancia and other countries, translated into twenty languages, more than eleven million copies sold after the filmed version. It is the third work of Mario Puzo, an Italian-American novelist around the fifties, who had previously written "The Dark Arena" (1955) and "The Fortunante Pilgrim" (1965), with great critical success, but not so of money. Mario Puzo himself confesses that "The Godfather" is the lowest of his three works, and that he wrote it simply because he was burdened with debt and wanted to earn money. He attended the requirements of the publishers to make a work "to be sold." “He was forty-five,” Puzo confesses, “and was tired of doing the artist. He owed more than $ 20,000, and it was time to give proof of reason and earn money ». He hit the target; The success of "The Godfather" - novel and film - was brilliant.

"The Godfather" - this may partly explain its success - is a portrait of the Mafia, the Sicilian secret organization whose origins date back to the thirteenth century, and whose American branch - "Cosa Nostra" - has become outrageously famous. It was born as a rudimentary self-defense apparatus of local interests, and, in America, of the Italian-Americans, over time it became the powerful and remote organization that controls all kinds of criminal activities. Mario Puzo did not "live" the environments of the Mafia - which he had already dealt with in part in "The Fortmate Pilgrim" - but he thoroughly documented and achieved a lively and human portrait, especially intimate, of the "Onorata Società ». The film by Francis Ford Coppola, superior to the novel, has later involved a work of personal creation and a fresco, full of liveliness and drama, which is explained by the talent and sensitivity of the young American filmmaker, who already stood out in « It rains on my heart »and« You are already a great boy », and here it shows how you can do, with qualities, a blockbuster for all markets.

An air of naturalness - within that whole picture of blood, of passions - characterizes Coppola's film, which has faithfully reconstructed characters, environments, the era - the forties - and that reaches as in the scenes of Sicily, a great verismo, almost of Italian neorealism. To this fidelity has also contributed the soundtrack of Nino Rota, the favorite composer of Fellini, which accentuates all that "natural flavor" of which a certain melancholy is not absent.

The whole cast does a good job, but we must highlight the two male protagonists, Marlon Brando, in the role of Don Corleone, and Al Pacino, in the role of his youngest son Michael.

Both Puzo and Coppola confessed that they did "The Godfather" to earn money and be able to do precisely those works they wanted. But the success of the film has surpassed them, watch it online and you will see too. In addition to "bestseller", from the Marquise box office movie, even leading the "hits-parades", "The Godfather" has become a sign of our time-a fabulous mine. Puzo and Coppola have changed plans; They think of a kind of "Godfather" number two. Even Coppola has projected a prologue. Brando would appear as the Vito Corleone in his youth, and Al Pacino, in the "mature" gift.

Rating: 9.1  | IMDb
Genres: Crime , Drama  | Duration: 175 min  | Year: 1972

Average: 9.1 / 10 (12748 votes)
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