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Mulan   US-Flag
Genres: Action , Adventure , Drama , Fantasy , War   | TMDB Rating: 8.4 | Info Mulan Quality: Quality Mulan Quality: Quality
Vidtodo Mulan Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
Mulan is one of the best animated movies ever produced. It tells the story of the titular character Mulan (played by Angelina Jolie), who is a Chinese princess who is sent to the Western world to marry the prince of the kingdom, who is also called Shang. While in the West she undergoes a series of adventures, in the East she helps her father, the king, defeat a fierce warlord. It is easy to get swept away by the movie's storyline. However, watching it online for free on the internet is one of the best things you can do. Not only is it free but it is also very interactive. Here are a few reasons why: You can compare and contrast between all the episodes of the movie, with the series. Watching episodes of a movie from another TV serie on the internet is very much like watching an episode of a TV series in front of the TV. You can tell if a certain sequence is the best or not. You can also search for the different episodes of the TV serie that you want to see. You can view the episodes of the movie right from the comfort of your home. You don't even need to have a computer with an internet connection. Just log into your account on an internet TV and start watching. You can also search for the different episodes of the TV serie and view them right there. As an added bonus, online TV is a lot more entertaining. You can even share the episodes with your friends. You can even share with your children. There are many other reasons why you should watch the TV serie. All you have to do is log onto an online TV and enjoy the ride! The movie itself is very well animated. It is one of the most impressive animation that you will ever see. It has a high degree of visual appeal and is animated with a great attention to detail. It has been dubbed well by Hollywood. The story of the movie is also very unique. It is a bit of a coming of age story. The princess of the movie is very different from all other movies. Her story is the reason why you have to watch the movie. Online television is a great place to watch movies for free. The only thing that you have to do is to find an internet TV that you can watch on and enjoy.
1917   US-Flag
Genres: Action , Drama , History , War   | TMDB Rating: 8.4 | Info 1917 Quality: Quality 1917 Quality: Quality
Vidtodo 1917 Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
The year 1917 is regarded as the beginning of the serial movie genre. It is due to the fact that the serial format was the first form of mass media, which consisted of an uninterrupted and continuous sequence of movies. In the beginning, the movie production was limited to only a few cities in USA, the story was very simple yet captivating. That is why the word serial seems to be synonymous with any serial movie in this era. Each serial contained one story and as per the seasons the stories changed. This gave rise to a whole lot of sequels, spin-offs and collaborations in serie. In the first year Serial films became very popular and were shown in theatres to promote the cinema as a whole. The serial movies were unique as they are not restricted to being film serial. In serie the industry grew by leaps and bounds as it had only one form of entertainment for everyone. With the advancement in technology serie came to a different phase and moved into more interactive media. Audio serie was followed by video serie. Video serie was becoming more popular in the later years as many audiences were becoming aware of the advantages of watching films on television rather than in the movie theatres. Like in serie, Film industry too was also encouraged to expand and as time went by many types of films were made. Today there are various formats in which the cinema is exhibited and movies are not only shown at the theatre but also on various other mediums such as DVD, Video, VCD etc. Also the use of online space has made it easier for people to get to know about a movie as well as the actors and actresses involved in a movie. In serie the popularity of a movie depended on how good it was or what genre it belonged to. Most of the serie was comedies as they were great and often based on popular stories. The role of serial is less important in serie today than what it was earlier. There are more reasons why serie was never as popular as the serie, the role of the MPAA and of censorship was a huge factor. Nowadays only the lead actors can get into the competition when making serie. In serie the cinema owners were reluctant to show films. Some of them even wanted to stop the serie or their distributor would take over the company and not let the serie release. The problem was solved when all the major cinema owners decided to cooperate in the promotion of serie, which eventually helped serie to grow in its popularity. The very first serie of serie was The Black Cat. The serie of serie made its first appearance on the first day of summer. The serie was a huge hit and gained immense popularity in both the serie theatres and the cinema halls. The serie was a huge success and is considered to be the first movie serie in serie history.
Enemy Lines  
Enemy Lines   US-Flag
Genres: Action , War   | TMDB Rating: 7 | Info Enemy Lines Quality: Quality Enemy Lines Quality: Quality
Vidtodo Enemy Lines Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
Enemy Lines:
Zatoichi in the Movie: Enemy Lines is the third feature-length film directed by David Marchese and written by Mark L. Smith. The first two Zatoichi movies, An Eye for an Eye and The Legend of Zatoichi, are also in the Shueisha's Manga Entertainment Group's "Shonen" Dragon Ball Z Movies series. The Movie: Enemy Lines is a part of the series Movie 6: The Lost Isai and Movie 7: Z-War Saga, which follows the story of "The Saiyans". It continues the story set up in the Z-War movies and takes place during the fourth decade of the so-called Majin century. As Zatoichi tries to save a young child from getting hit by a speeding train, he meets a young woman with mysterious powers of her own - Mira, and a series of enemies he will eventually be forced to fight. The Movie: Enemy Lines is part of the Movies In The Saga: The Saga Of Zatoichi. A special concert album was released as a result of this movie. It contains five songs composed by Kiyoshi Hikawa and is dedicated to Hideo Oguni, who died of cancer a few months before this movie was released. It's available for purchase at some websites that specialize in collecting movie music. It was one of the very first Star Wars products released by a major company. It was also one of the few Star Wars items that wasn't included in the original trilogy. This first product in the Saga line was in fact purchased by fans and shipped out from the U.S. directly to fans. This is an amazing video game cartridge that can be inserted into your VCR to play any time of the day. One of the best features of this game is that it has different levels of difficulty that you can change according to your personal preference, thus making it great for players of all ages. In most cases, all the bad guys have some sort of weakness, and it is a weakness that is very appealing to the gamer's mind. In Enemy Lines, we see a huge list of enemies that do not have weaknesses. There are bosses that do not show up until the game has been beaten, and there are several major villains that have some sort of deadly weakness in their game. The short game was named after the game on which it was based on, which is Zatoichi, so naturally many people instantly thought that this game must be made for that game. However, it was made with all the best elements of Dragon Ball Z in mind, such as tons of fighting, and some hilarious moments. With plenty of great gameplay, crazy moments, and a huge fan base, this is the best of the past few years of movies in the Saga line. The Movie: Enemy Lines is a perfect example of how great this series has gotten since the release of the Shonen series in the U.S.

Title Year Quality TMDB Rating Language
smiley     8.4 / 10 US Flag
smiley     8.3 / 10 US Flag
smiley     8.2 / 10 US Flag
The Outpost
smiley     7.7 / 10 US Flag
Enemy Lines
smiley     7.2 / 10 US Flag
Ghosts of War
smiley     6.3 / 10 US Flag