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The Lovebirds  
The Lovebirds   US-Flag
Genres: Action , Comedy , Romance   | TMDB Rating: 7 | Info The Lovebirds Quality: Quality The Lovebirds Quality: Quality
Vidtodo The Lovebirds Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
The Lovebirds:
The Lovebirds is an upcoming Indian movie that tells the story of a group of super-successful individuals living in the city. What sets this movie apart from other movies about super rich individuals is that The Lovebirds focuses on a group of extremely talented and smart people who have a lot to live for and who are destined to make the most of what they were born with. This movie has been named one of the best new movies of all time. The Lovebirds is based on the memoir written by real life millionaire Arunima Banerjee. After the success of her first novel, which also turned out to be a movie, The Lovebirds was decided to be the second novel from the series. The movie will tell the story of one girl and her sister who are entwined in a life of the rich and famous in Delhi. The Lovebirds will give viewers a glimpse into the lives of some of the most highly respected and affluent people in the Hindi film industry. If you are a fan of the movies, you will not find it hard to identify with the problems and dilemmas of the main characters. When looking for a review of The Lovebirds, I am sure you will find it interesting because you will be able to learn a lot about a film before you watch it. I was curious about how The Lovebirds would do in the market as I have not seen any movie like The Lovebirds before. So, I decided to see it online. I realized that I could get this movie and many other online movies for free if I visit certain websites that offer them for free. One of the most intriguing points of The Lovebirds is that it follows a series of events that led to the creation of the super-wealthy business group of the city. A few weeks after the death of their mother, the siblings were forced to move to Delhi and join an elite organization known as The Lovebirds. The Lovebirdsare a group of people who have made their living by taking care of the rich and famous and they form a business network that controls various industries. Like any other major blockbuster movie, The Lovebirds is expected to be a box office hit because of its star actors. Well, so far, Rishi Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor had played leading roles in most of the best blockbusters in the past decade. Even after the past few years, they have proven that they are still great at leading a movie. However, what makes The Lovebirds different from other Blockbuster movies like Dark Shadows and The Pit is that the story that the group of people are faced with is completely different from other blockbuster movies that I have seen. The Lovebirds tells the story of two different groups who eventually become good friends. Although the two are very different, the movie manages to pull out the best from both the groups. Overall, I believe that The Lovebirds will be another hit among the crowd as this movie will prove to be quite entertaining for the entire family. I would advise you to check out the movie online if you want to watch a romantic movie.
Weathering with You  
Weathering with You   US-Flag
Genres: Adventure , Animation , Drama , Fantasy , Romance   | TMDB Rating: 8.2 | Info Weathering with You Quality: Quality Weathering with You Quality: Quality
Vidtodo Weathering with You Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
Weathering with You:
The topic of the weathering with you in your kitchen sink setting is very important because we are not going to discuss those mentioned in any of the auteur article that you may have. Instead, we will focus on that particular weathering system that's mentioned in this very Serie, Weather Underground Movie. Let's take a look at how this system works. What will happen when we see a lady with blonde hair as she takes off her top and heads down the stairs and in the basement to find herself lost? When it comes to the weathering with you in your kitchen sink setting, this series is well worth the price of admission. The second act of this specific scene is simply magical. First, it starts with a long shot of the interior of the house being almost completely dark. Then, the director zooms in and focuses on the light beam coming from a bedroom window. All of the rooms are lit up as we move forward into the scene. As the camera continues down the staircase and into the basement, we get a view of a room that has a full-length mirror over the doorway. We see ourselves in the reflection of the mirror. As we go through, we also come across a stone fireplace and then finally a pair of sliding glass doors that lead to the basement. Now, the next shot is the lobby area. We see a couple taking a break on the couch while two other people go by. And as they continue to move about, we can also see the stairs leading down to the lobby below. As the person next to them stands up, we also see a female voice mention a certain white van parked right outside the lobby of their hotel. As we move into the hallway and pass several people in the foyer, we can see that a long dark hallway passes out to the end of the foyer area. Once again, we see ourselves in the hallway. We then see the van parked in the hallway and the bathroom door shut behind us. The camera continues to move along and we're able to hear the elevator go up and down throughout the next three scenes. We then follow the couple up the stairs and through the lobby as they exit the bathroom and head for the elevator. The door in the lobby opens and we see the driver exiting the elevator in a red suit and hat and we're then shown him standing there, the rest of the people standing behind him, and then we see the first of a series of announcements regarding their arrival at their hotel. In the final scene of the film, we're showing them arriving at their hotel and everything that happens between the opening scene and the - very nice - credits. As you can tell, weathering with you in your kitchen sink setting is pretty impressive. Now, if you have a chance to check out this wonderful Movie, I highly recommend that you take a look.
Gabriel's Inferno  
Gabriel's Inferno   US-Flag
Genres: Romance   | TMDB Rating: 7.3 | Info Gabriel's Inferno Quality: Quality Gabriel's Inferno Quality: Quality
Vidtodo Gabriel's Inferno Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
Gabriel's Inferno:
As a movie critic I always say that a sequel is the best way to tell a tale as there are lots of rules and resolutions for your favorite movies, thus the best sequels succeed in creating their own market and making better sales. So, when it comes to Gabriel's Inferno, which also has its own sequel, I like to keep my cool and see both movies side by side. The story of the first Gabriel's Inferno movie is about Stavros, who is just an ordinary man who happens to have a unique gift for telling people a story. With the help of his special gift he comes to realize that his world is actually in trouble. Through a scientific experiment Stavros creates a new breed of aliens that are seemingly perfect. These aliens find themselves trapped on Earth after the world lost its equilibrium and they go into hiding from human society. From here on out Stavros uses his unique ability to tell stories, and these stories seem to become real for those around him. At the same time, however, another story begins to unfold, that of the relationship between Stavros and his daughter, Madeleine. The story ends up causing many conflicts within Stavros himself and caused his death after an accident. Another important factor of the first movie is that many people criticize it for its huge numbers and their comparisons to Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. But, considering its background as a horror movie, you can be sure that some people would have liked it just as much if not more than other popular series. That is why I still can't get away from thinking about Gabriel's Inferno, even though it has come out two years after the first series. Both the movies are so different that sometimes it may be difficult to distinguish one from the other. Somecritics also criticized Gabriel's Inferno for having too many in-jokes, while at the same time some fans of the first series praised the movie for its originality and sense of humor. My favorite part about Gabriel's Inferno is when we get to see more of Stavros' daughter, Madeleine. The similarities and differences between the first and second series are only highlighted by the fact that Gabriel's Inferno was made by the director of the first one, Alan Taylor. Just remember to set aside some time for the second movie to fully appreciate what made the first one great.
The Wrong Missy  
The Wrong Missy   US-Flag
Genres: Comedy , Romance   | TMDB Rating: 7.1 | Info The Wrong Missy Quality: Quality The Wrong Missy Quality: Quality
Vidtodo The Wrong Missy Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
The Wrong Missy:
In this article I'm going to discuss the first part of the series The Wrong Missy, a film written and directed by David R. Dinkins. The film was directed by Dinkins and stars Bonnie Bedelia and Corey Haim as teen lovers in a relationship that goes awry. The Wrong Missy is the third in a seven-part TV series based on the television show Seria, which was based on the comic book Seria: The Quest for Magic. This feature was intended to be a tribute to the comic books, by paying homage to them with a TV show based on the characters. The movie begins as three friends go out for a night of fun with the intention of catching up with old friends. However, they are kidnapped by three mean girls, who make them take part in their "quest". This quest involves them being forced to compete with each other in various tasks, including a singing competition. The Wrong Missy is about the characters before they are made into a whole, which Dinkins uses as a jumping off point. The first thing that you will notice is that it is pretty dark, with very little color. Also, the storyline is a dark fairy tale, and some things may be left vague. The characters in the TV series often turn out to be the same people in the movie, but they are portrayed differently and the two differ. The similarity, however, remains in the fact that the show takes place in the same period in the future, and some events that take place in the TV series are also used in the movie. The final character of the series, Cindy (Bonnie Bedelia), plays a larger role in the film than she does in the TV series. However, Dinkins made it clear from the beginning that he had a particular focus in mind when creating Cindy, which makes her role in the film seem more significant. The biggest difference between the two TV series and this movie is that The Wrong Missy is different than the previous two. It has a far darker plot, the characters are much more violent, and a few of the incidents from the TV series are not shown in the film. Overall, The Wrong Missy is one of the most original films that Dinkins has made, but it's also one of the more gruesome films that he has made. However, it's still an enjoyable film, and I recommend that you watch it.

Title Year Quality TMDB Rating Language
The Lovebirds
smiley     6.6 / 10 US Flag
smiley     7.1 / 10 US Flag
Weathering with You
smiley     8.2 / 10 US Flag
The High Note
smiley     N/A / 10 US Flag
Gabriel's Inferno
smiley     7.7 / 10 US Flag
Your Name.
smiley     8.6 / 10 US Flag
The Wrong Missy
smiley     6.5 / 10 US Flag
smiley     7.9 / 10 US Flag
Forrest Gump
smiley     8.4 / 10 US Flag
Queen & Slim
smiley     7.8 / 10 US Flag
Love Wedding Repeat
smiley     5.9 / 10 US Flag
Little Women
smiley     8.7 / 10 US Flag
A Delicious Flight
smiley     4.4 / 10 US Flag
smiley     6.9 / 10 US Flag
Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs
smiley     7.3 / 10 US Flag