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Aladdin   US-Flag
Genres: Adventure , Comedy , Family , Fantasy , Romance   | TMDB Rating: 7.5 | Info Aladdin Quality: Quality Aladdin Quality: Quality
Vidtodo Aladdin Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
Release: 24 May 2019 Disney was not very successful with the promotional campaign of ‘ Aladdin ’. The animated film from 1992 is one of the most loved by the public and what we had been able to see before its premiere made us think more of a ridiculous disaster than a memorable update by Guy Ritchie. The film finally arrived in theaters the past Friday, May the 24th, 2019. A lot of the mythical songs of the animated classic were going to sound again in ‘ Aladdin ’ that was obvious. They were key to their success and the raison d'être of these productions is to live in the public's interest to be watched again by the great things that characterized them in the first place. And those songs are tattoed in the hearts of many people, sometimes it is impossible not to cross the barrier of the movie's real merits, just because of the inmense beauty one can find in its classic, iconic songs. It is inevitable that the film feeds on nostalgia, but the funny thing is that Ritchie always seems interested in distancing himself, adding more important or minimal changes depending on what each sequence allows. We have to remark that, it's easy to see no trace of the personality that Ritchie has proven to be able to print their work, but instead there's simply an attempt to mark an easy success, which is in fact an actual success, and it has some merit for it, but it lacks the Ritchie's well know personality and original touch, something we obviously would've liked to see on screen. This is where more important changes come in to add some goods to the final result. The most damaged of all this are Iago and the Sultan, with the first trying to get a certain dose of realism that when the moment comes translates into the loss of all spark by the character and with the second leaving behind that good-natured factor that It worked so well in the animated movie. Here both are an inheritance that has to appear on the screen but that Ritchie has little interest in. The most benefited from this are Genie and Jasmine, but the way to alter and expand the characters never feels satisfactory. With the first one it smells too much in an attempt to squeeze the charisma of Will Smith, who gives everything of himself to make us forget Robin Williams, but in reality he always feels slightly forced. On the other hand, Naomi Scott sees how the more determined and feminist side of the character is enhanced, even having a new song that goes in that direction. Interesting on paper but with a failed execution that even serves in some moments to break the rhythm of the story. And is there when 'Aladdin' tries to distance himself more from the original, and he does so by exploring concepts that could marry well with what we had seen, but sometimes he forgets that one of the keys of the animated original is that it was an agile adventure that he rarely gave the spectator a break. Here everything goes more slowly, even when they "skip" a scene to get faster. In conclusion, ‘ Aladdin ’ is a fairly discreet update of the 1992 animated film, never getting equal to or exceeding the original when it gets closer and erring in most of the substantial changes it includes. At least he tries instead of being content to follow the marked path, but neither does it in a determined way and the fact of subtracting lightness from the story ends up turning against him.
Gabriel's Inferno  
Gabriel's Inferno   US-Flag
Genres: Romance   | TMDB Rating: 9.5 | Info Gabriel's Inferno Quality: Quality Gabriel's Inferno Quality: Quality
Vidtodo Gabriel's Inferno Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
Gabriel's Inferno:
As a movie critic I always say that a sequel is the best way to tell a tale as there are lots of rules and resolutions for your favorite movies, thus the best sequels succeed in creating their own market and making better sales. So, when it comes to Gabriel's Inferno, which also has its own sequel, I like to keep my cool and see both movies side by side. The story of the first Gabriel's Inferno movie is about Stavros, who is just an ordinary man who happens to have a unique gift for telling people a story. With the help of his special gift he comes to realize that his world is actually in trouble. Through a scientific experiment Stavros creates a new breed of aliens that are seemingly perfect. These aliens find themselves trapped on Earth after the world lost its equilibrium and they go into hiding from human society. From here on out Stavros uses his unique ability to tell stories, and these stories seem to become real for those around him. At the same time, however, another story begins to unfold, that of the relationship between Stavros and his daughter, Madeleine. The story ends up causing many conflicts within Stavros himself and caused his death after an accident. Another important factor of the first movie is that many people criticize it for its huge numbers and their comparisons to Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. But, considering its background as a horror movie, you can be sure that some people would have liked it just as much if not more than other popular series. That is why I still can't get away from thinking about Gabriel's Inferno, even though it has come out two years after the first series. Both the movies are so different that sometimes it may be difficult to distinguish one from the other. Somecritics also criticized Gabriel's Inferno for having too many in-jokes, while at the same time some fans of the first series praised the movie for its originality and sense of humor. My favorite part about Gabriel's Inferno is when we get to see more of Stavros' daughter, Madeleine. The similarities and differences between the first and second series are only highlighted by the fact that Gabriel's Inferno was made by the director of the first one, Alan Taylor. Just remember to set aside some time for the second movie to fully appreciate what made the first one great.
Maleficent   US-Flag
Genres: Action , Adventure , Family , Fantasy , Romance   | TMDB Rating: 7.4 | Info Maleficent Quality: Quality Maleficent Quality: Quality
Vidtodo Maleficent Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
On May, two thousand and fourteen, Walt Disney Pictures premiered his real live from one of everyone's favorite villains, Malefica; by the hand of director Robert Stromberg and the famous producer Joe Roth, with a story inspired by the novels of Charles Perrault and the Grimm brothers, and written by Linda Woolveron. The film has the participation of the famous actress, model, and altruist Angelina Jolie in the leading role of the evil Maleficent; Next to her we find South African actor, director and producer Sharlto Copley acting as King Stefan; American model and actress Elle Fanning will also embody the young Aurora; the British Hanna New will be the Flower Queen; singer Sam Raily is Diaval; the young Australian actor will be Prince Phillip; Imelda Staunton will be the fairy Clavelia; Juno Violet Temple will be Fairy Fronda; English actress Lesley Manville plays the fairy Violet, and British theater actor Kenneth Cranham will play King Henry. Very close to the realm of humans is an immense magical forest, where fantastic creatures live, among them is a beautiful young fairy with gigantic wings that simulate those of a hawk; This girl one day met another young man named Stefan, this boy told Maleficent that he was poor and that his house is an abandoned stable, but that one day he dreams of living in a huge castle in the realm of humans. As time went by, both children grew up, when they reached adolescence a feeling of love began to flourish between them, to the point that when he turned sixteen, Stefan showed him his love with a kiss, and the girl I give him his heart; this is how time went by, the visits of young Stefan were increasingly sporadic, until he never returned, his ambition to achieve great things was stronger than his feelings towards the young winged, and never again. A long-time later, King Henry, lord of the human kingdom, decides to conquer the magical forest known as the swamp; but he did not have the powerful Maleficent, along with an army of magical creatures he manages to defeat King Henry categorically, and the guardian of the magical kingdom became self-appointed. Dejected and on his deathbed, King Henry decides to offer a huge reward to anyone who manages to kill Maleficent; the man who is capable of presenting his body will be rewarded with the marriage of his only daughter, Princess Flor, and with it the throne of the human kingdom. Stefan understands that it is his only chance to get everything he has dreamed of; so he returns to the magical forest where he meets Maleficent, after a long conversation, he warns him about the reward King Henry has placed on his head; Maleficent still trusts him and believes he is the same boy from many years ago; Stefan offers her a drink and she pours a potion on her that causes a deep state of sleep; once it takes effect, Stefan tries to kill her, but his conscience does not leave him, so he cuts his wings and leaves. Stefan appears before King Henry with the wings of Maleficent, full of satisfaction, grants what was promised and gives his daughter in marriage and gives the King's crown. In the forest, no one can believe what happened, much less Maleficent, who is overwhelmed by immense sadness and anger at having been fooled and by the outburst of their powerful wings; but that fills her with strength and transforms the magical forest into a dark and sinister place, into an enchanted forest. He strongly intends to recover his wings and take Stefan's revenge, so he becomes the most powerful witch he had ever seen; your revenge is now to come.
Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs  
Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs   US-Flag
Genres: Animation , Family , Romance   | TMDB Rating: 7.2 | Info Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs Quality: Quality Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs Quality: Quality
Vidtodo Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs:
It is a film made in South Korea in 2019, of adventure and animation genre. Produced by Locus Creative Studios. The cast is made up of animated characters. The music was attended by Geoff Zanelli. And the script and direction by Hong Sung-ho, 64, born in South Korea, who participated in the Asian Cup in 1950, representing his country. It tells the story of a princess, who accused her of a terrible spell by an evil witch, turned her into a dwarf. You should look for red shoes, which will allow you to return to normal. Will it be what will succeed? There will begin the adventures and obstacles that you will have to face to get out of that abnormal situation. Perhaps we are returning to the typical classic story the defenseless girl who is cared for by a few dwarves. But the truth of this whole story is that what they are really trying to tell us is that true beauty is not precisely in the physical aspect. In short, a true learning that seven handsome princes must face, so that they can understand, that not everything outside is really important. Can you understand this lesson? We will wait and find out. [caption id="attachment_14467" align="alignnone" width="731"] Escene from the movie (youtube)[/caption] It is important to mention that this production has not left the post-production stage, as there are still details to complete. This has caused his participation in Cannes to be affected. It is expected that it can be released in cinema in December of this year. On many occasions it is difficult, to keep the audience attentive, because Red Shoes and the 7 Dwarfs will be able to raise interest. In Red Shoes and the 7 Dwarfs, post-production work is being carried out, taking care of all the details, in order to have all the necessary techniques to enter the competition, the best animated films and with better cinematographic techniques. The fact that Hong Sung-ho is in charge of this production represents a good possibility that all the work done will be presented in a brilliant way, at the time of its launch. On the other hand, it should be noted that the film has a sympathetic, precise and concise script but with corn according to the genre, which allows it to enhance the projected characters. It also has excellent music, appropriate for children. But perhaps what is most satisfying is to find a film full of values, which in a fun way comes to reflect several positive messages. Impossible to stop seeing the development of this animated proposal. The producers of the project have enough hope to crystallize the work. For this, it is intended to carry out sufficient promotion, at all levels in order to keep the public sufficiently informed. The intention is that, fans feel anxious to know more about this production. That for sure, will give much to talk about. There is also the fact that, although not much is known about production, it is already beginning to arouse emotion. Just look at the images of the characters, to be interested. It will be a fun without equal, something really fun and with the adventures necessary to feel satisfied.

Title Year Quality TMDB Rating Language
smiley     7.4 / 10 US Flag
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smiley     3.6 / 10 US Flag
Gabriel's Inferno
smiley     9.7 / 10 US Flag
Your Name.
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The High Note
smiley     8.2 / 10 US Flag
Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs
smiley     7 / 10 US Flag
Forrest Gump
smiley     8.7 / 10 US Flag
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smiley     8 / 10 US Flag
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Portrait of a Lady on Fire
smiley     8.9 / 10 US Flag
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smiley     6.5 / 10 US Flag
To All the Boys I've Loved Before
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smiley     8.6 / 10 US Flag
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