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Se7en   US-Flag
Genres: Crime , Mystery , Thriller   | TMDB Rating: 8.5 | Info Se7en Quality: Quality Se7en Quality: Quality
Vidtodo Se7en Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
Though 'The Dark Knight' was a very successful blockbuster movie in its time, it did not get the recognition it deserved as a sequel or a spin-off to the well-known Christopher Nolan's 'Batman' series. The movie was critically acclaimed and it was lauded for portraying the dark side of Batman while still keeping him interesting. In fact, the reception towards the movie was so good that it was dubbed as a 'sequel' to 'The Dark Knight'. So, now the question is where does 'The Dark Knight' fit into the Hollywood saga. The first step to go in is to determine the timeline of the franchise. Batman has been around since his first appearance in 'Detective Comics #27' published in 1939. He had a spectacular debut as the dark knight in this graphic novel that further made him popular as the Caped Crusader. Then, one can look at the features of the second installment of the Superman franchise, which is set to be released in July 2020. The film is going to have an older version of Superman while others say that the film will portray a darker Superman than his previous outings. Whatever the case, the films for this franchise are going to be set in the year the character's universe was introduced in the comic book. As for 'The Dark Knight', the film had a moderate opening weekend but it has done phenomenally well in the box office. This is good news for the producers and the studio as they have now been assured of getting a sequel. Once the second installment rolls out, 'The Dark Knight' will become the third member of the 'Dark Knight Saga'. A movie based on the 'Batman' sequel is certainly going to have a lot of similarities to the earlier movies in the franchise, but as we said before, it will be set in the year 2020. This means that the fans will have to wait for eight years to catch up with thestoryline of the second installment. But then, it is expected that most fans are more comfortable with the fact that the sequels are set in the present day. If the studio is smart enough, the next installment of the 'Batman' saga may be split into two parts. The first part of the sequel could be called 'Batman: The Brave and the Bold' and the second part will be 'Bane of the Century'. However, the prequel series is just a fan service and fans can expect the Batman film to continue on from the storylines of the first two series. A lot of people are suggesting that 'The Dark Knight' can be viewed as a prequel to the 'Bane of the Century' which is a sequel to the original series. But then, it is a fact that there was no new version of Bane in the latest chapter of the comic book series. This means that the makers will be going back to the earlier storyline and that is going to make fans excited. With so many versions of the movies already out, it does not make much sense to set up another one. It is expected that 'The Dark Knight' will be considered as a spin-off of the 'Batman' franchise. So, the next installment is not going to be as thrilling as the original and it will be the best to wait for the sequel of 'Bane of the Century' to be released in 2020.
Scoob!   US-Flag
Genres: Adventure , Animation , Comedy , Family , Mystery   | TMDB Rating: 8.5 | Info Scoob! Quality: Quality Scoob! Quality: Quality
Vidtodo Scoob! Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
What's so great about Scoob? It's a TV comedy TV serie from Britain and has been named one of the best TV shows of the last ten years. The cast includes such notable names as Rachel Weisz, Michael Sheen, David Mitchell, and Helen Mirren. Although it's an American series, it was actually co-created by ITV's Chief Executive, Sir Ian McKellen. The first episode of Scoob! is funny, heartwarming, and to my surprise, quite poignant. The first episode begins with a brief synopsis of Scooby Doo, which includes a rather eerie image of a lady, Margaret Brundage, whose body was eaten by the Great Depression monster, Frankenstein's Monster. It also sets the tone for the whole TV serie, with a fairly creepy opening scene. That scene sets the tone for what is to come, as the movie introduces us to the three teens, Billy, Dennis, and Fred, who are roommates. They get caught up in a sinister plot that is aimed at harming children and they end up having to deal with various other children in their neighborhood. The writing is interesting and very well done and Diane Metal (the actress playing Fred) is terrific. She is portrayed by the actress Imogen Poots. Not only does she get to portray a great character, but she also gets to act her heart out in a soap opera type way. In addition, they cast Angelique Cabral (the actress playing his girlfriend Valerie) as the lead character and she plays the role well. This movie's story line is really unique and the actors do an excellent job. Of course, there are no shortage of hilarious scenes in this film. Although the kids are all pretty well dressed (as they should be), I found that I loved the dressing up scenes more than the action scenes. The "juicy bits" are a bit over the top but are definitely part of the crazy thing that you do when you have a normal family. The voices of the actors are very well done, especially those of David Mitchell (the lead character, Dennis) and Rachel Weisz (the actress playing Margaret). And, I can't say enough about Imogen Poots, as I really felt like she was the real-life Margaret Brundage in this movie. However, this is a movie that everyone should see. If you have not watched this movie, or seen it on TV yet, you might want to consider downloading Scoob! eBooks from the Internet. It is really interesting to watch this series, because it really focuses on the characters that the series created. It's a great show to add to your TV collection because it doesn't feature any type of violence or adult content.
Gone Girl  
Gone Girl   US-Flag
Genres: Drama , Mystery , Thriller   | TMDB Rating: 8.1 | Info Gone Girl Quality: Quality Gone Girl Quality: Quality
Vidtodo Gone Girl Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
Gone Girl:
It's been six years since the release of the British thriller "Gone Girl," and still people can't get enough of it. Well, not exactly are most people can't get enough of it; after all, what's a movie without a crowd of fans? It is a movie that has completely made a star out of Ben Affleck, and then there is the fact that most of the movie's fans are women. The movie was so good that it quickly became a big hit when it was released. It was on the AFI's list of top ten movies of 2020, and it was also nominated for a Golden Globe. So if you are thinking of making a trip to the theaters, then make sure you add this movie to your list of choices. Why not? The movie itself is centered around Vicky Chester (Rosamund Pike), who is married to Nick Crawford (Rex Ford). When her husband suddenly dies, Vicky makes an agreement with the cops and the private investigator who worked on the case, as well as their families, to stay away from the case for the rest of her life. She agrees, and when Nick is murdered in an unknown location, she is forced to go on the run and find out the truth about who killed him. Nicholas and Vicky find themselves very quickly entangled in their search for answers. You would think that a movie about a woman who is on the run would be easy to fall in love with, but unfortunately, the movie's story is not that simple. Gone Girl is a fast-paced drama about love, loyalty, and secrets, but at the same time, it is a big con game that twist the viewers' emotions. The plot of the movie is quite intriguing, and the twists and turns that Nick and Vicky take on the way to finding the truth are very dramatic. Many films have been based on novels, and while some of these books do have a plotline, others don't. Gone Girl is one of those movies where the movie gets the idea of the book and turns it into something different, and a lot of fans of the movie were not too happy about it. However, even the ones who liked the movie couldn't help but love the book, and the book itself is very intriguing. This is also one of those scenes where you would think that the two actors would be competing against each other, but in reality, they simply tried to give their characters some of the best lines that they could. Both David Fincher and Rosamund Pike are excellent actors, and they did a great job portraying the two leads. Although the movie is based on a book, it is not necessarily a biopic, though the movie is definitely a part of that genre. I wouldn't say that it's too far from being a true biopic, though, and the book is one of the best books ever written.
Ready or Not  
Ready or Not   US-Flag
Genres: Comedy , Horror , Mystery , Thriller   | TMDB Rating: 7.8 | Info Ready or Not Quality: Quality Ready or Not Quality: Quality
Vidtodo Ready or Not Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
Ready or Not:
Ready or Not turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Hoping to see the nth jump-scare horror movie, it turns out that this film starring Samara Weaving, Mark O'Brien, Andie McDowell, and Adam Brody is an entertaining sadistic comedy that tells us how a bride's wedding night ends for becoming something worse than a nightmare. Watch it now to see how it ends. From the first moments of Ready or Not, we have something clear: Grace, played by an extraordinary Samara Weaving, is more than excited to marry Alex Le Domas (Mark O'Brien), the man of her dreams. Of course, not everything is simple. Alex is a member of a disgustingly rich and traditionalist family that, as expected, does not believe that Grace's interest in the youngest of her children is so selfless. But Grace is really in love and wants to prove to her future husband's family that her intentions and her love are genuine, without a sibylline plan or double intentions. For his part, Alex seems to hide something related to his family. Something made him get away from them. Something he hasn't confessed to Grace. A secret that makes him feel uncomfortable and that is directly related to the wedding and the initial scene of the movie. It seems that he is not at all convinced that the wedding takes place under the terms of his ultra-conservative family. However, despite Alex's father's notorious rejection, Grace decides to go ahead with the ceremony. She wants to have a family. She wants to belong... But the price to pay may be too high. Eccentric It is a word to describe this dysfunctional but opulent family of the groom, Le Domas. A family that has made their money thanks to board games. The directors of Ready Or Not, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, are in charge of showing us that something is not going well within this particular family. Alex's older brother, Daniel (Adam Brody) is a tormented drunkard. Her younger sister Emilie (Melanie Scrofano) is a drug addict who doesn't do anything right. Aunt Helene (Nicky Guadagni) is enigmatic and disturbing. The patriarch, Tony (Henry Czerny) seems to be always in a bad mood and his wife, Becky (a great Andie McDowell) gives the impression of being the only rope within this particular nucleus, seasoned by a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law who does not clash with the rest of the members of Le Domas. It is to this family that Grace joins as soon as she says yes to Alex. The bride looks full of happiness, especially since it seems that Becky is on her side and, despite knowing that her son's wife does not have the blazons to be considered a dignified Le Domas, she shows him warmth and kindness before, during and after the ceremony. This is important to point out because everything seems to indicate that the house of Le Domas, where the wedding is held, will be the ideal setting for supernatural events or ghosts that lurk our protagonist since it is clear that her new family is hiding something. But right here is when Ready Or Not shows us that this movie is not going to be what we expected, and that is the best. Because it turns out that the secret that Le Domas hides a tradition they perform when they have to receive a new family member. It consists of playing a board game. Thanks to a mysterious box, from the time of Tony's great-grandfather, the novel Le Domas - in this case, a seizure Grace - gets a card that tells him what game they all have to play at midnight. Obviously, Grace gets the worst option of all: Hide and Seek. While it sounds fun, in Ready or Not a brutal hunt is unleashed. Grace has to survive until dawn so that the Domas - including serfdom - stop chasing her to kill her. That is when the film is transformed into a hilarious film of sadistic humor, with grotesque scenes and bloodthirsty gangs. Our stunned girlfriend realizes that her new political family has more terrible secrets than she imagined. As if that weren't enough, she doesn't know who to trust, and she looks alone, running all over the mansion to try not to die from bullets, arrows, axes and other deadly instruments they use to try to end her life. Watch it now to find out how it all ends.

Title Year Quality TMDB Rating Language
smiley     8.4 / 10 US Flag
Knives Out
smiley     8.7 / 10 US Flag
smiley     8.2 / 10 US Flag
The Vast of Night
smiley     7.5 / 10 US Flag
Gone Girl
smiley     8.8 / 10 US Flag
smiley     8.6 / 10 US Flag
Ready or Not
smiley     7.3 / 10 US Flag
You Should Have Left
smiley     5.1 / 10 US Flag
Annabelle Comes Home
smiley     6.6 / 10 US Flag
The Lighthouse
smiley     8 / 10 US Flag