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The High Note  
The High Note   US-Flag
Genres: Comedy , Drama , Music , Romance   | TMDB Rating: N/A | Info The High Note Quality: Quality The High Note Quality: Quality
Vidtodo The High Note Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
The High Note:
Good soundtrack and The High Note by Opera Films is a movie that would create a sensation. But the voice of the narration that plays throughout the movie would not just hold its own, but it would also impress others and create a sensation as well. An opera cannot go wrong with a good soundtrack, and this movie is no exception. Although this movie would hold its own if you watch it with the original soundtrack, the movie does not come anywhere close to the original score without the music from The High Note. The first and only thing you should remember when listening to the soundtrack for this movie is that you will feel as if you are actually in the opera house. The High Note also has other genres, such as the serie, which is a group of three stories in one. The music for this type of story is also very different from the usual things that you will hear in a movie. Although it may seem like it will be boring, but it will definitely keep you entertained. This is also available in two different types of versions, one is the regular version and the other is the surround-sound version. Which one you should choose is really up to your preference. This movie would surely impress you and entertain you. If you want to experience something out of the ordinary, then listen to the original soundtrack for this movie. This is one that would surely create a sensation. Another thing about this movie is that you can choose how you will see it. If you prefer to be in the opera house and sit and enjoy yourself, then listen to the original soundtrack. This is the better way to view this movie because you will be able to hear the music while watching it. In this case, you can still enjoy this movie even if you have not watched it before, and it would be a perfect choice for people who do not like to watch movies. To complement the music, you can also try watching the special effects. It is a wonderful touch of lighting for the background of the screen. Opera Films The High Note is a movie that is both entertaining and beautiful. Listen to the soundtrack of this movie and you will surely be a little surprised of what you will feel.
Whiplash   US-Flag
Genres: Drama , Music   | TMDB Rating: 9.3 | Info Whiplash Quality: Quality Whiplash Quality: Quality
Vidtodo Whiplash Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
It is quite apparent that a huge number of people have experienced an accident caused by whiplash, but this does not mean that these people can't actually watch movies without being worried about the things that have happened to them. It is quite possible for someone to watch a movie without worrying about any nasty accidents as long as he has all the necessary accessories with him such as ear plugs. Though this may seem to be a silly thing to be doing, it is quite true that some movies may cause you to feel discomfort even though you are trying your hardest to stay calm. This article will discuss what movies cause whiplash and how to make sure that your movie nights do not end up causing you whiplash. When it comes to movies, there are some that are definitely dangerous, as the cause of whiplash in movies is quite simple. During some scenes of movies, the actors' heads will bend in an unusual way causing some of the people watching to feel some kind of spasm or painfulness. These kinds of scenes are the ones that usually cause problems to the viewers, because the incidents can even lead to some people to feel dizzy or worse. The causes of whiplash in movies include things such as exaggerating too much during certain scenes of the movie and not showing enough blood or laughter in some parts of the movie. There are also a lot of movie sets that allow the actors to use real pain rather than showing it. One popular movie, that has been known to cause people to feel a kind of spasm due to its scenes involving whiplash is Spartacus. This movie comes with several scenes that include dramatic and violent acts that even the actors on screen would feel pain in their necks when they were doing these actions. You can also experience some kinds of symptoms such as nausea and chest pains when watching a movie that involves violence and the presence of pain such as blood. It is also quite possible that you may be left disoriented ifthe story involves some part of the action that you cannot understand. In the last two decades, the injury which causes the most damage in movies is whiplash. This is the kind of injury that comes from the neck being twisted. The victim of this injury feels a kind of spasm or pain as they try to find a way to control the movement of their head. You should make sure that you are consuming the right amount of alcohol before watching a movie, as this is the main reason why people get whiplash in movies. It is very likely that you will be able to see the effects of alcohol a few hours after you had consumed it because the alcohol will eventually build up in your body. When you drink alcohol in large amounts, it is common to feel drowsy while watching a movie, which is the main reason why many people end up suffering from a bit of alcohol intoxication after watching a movie. Another reason why people suffer from the effects of whiplash is because of the activities that are done while they are watching a movie. Some people are not very careful when they are sitting or standing in front of the television and this is the main reason why their bodies are exposed to heavy doses of motion. When the body is constantly moving, there are chances that it will be subjected to the damages of whiplash and you may end up having a serious injury.

Title Year Quality TMDB Rating Language
The High Note
smiley     N/A / 10 US Flag
Trolls World Tour
smiley     7.7 / 10 US Flag
smiley     8.4 / 10 US Flag
Descendants 3
smiley     8.1 / 10 US Flag