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The Outpost  
The Outpost   US-Flag
Genres: Action , Drama , History , War   | TMDB Rating: 8.1 | Info The Outpost Quality: Quality The Outpost Quality: Quality
Vidtodo The Outpost Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
The Outpost:
The Outpost is a first person action game, where you can control the action of your avatar, while fighting many enemies. You will be fighting against: bandits, villagers, and worse. It is your objective to get to the source of the evil. You can also battle for the wives of your family to help you get what you want. It is a cyberspace first person action video game. This game has been developed by Bungie. It was released on Xbox 360 in December 2020. It was ported to PlayStation 3 in March 2020. It was then released on PC in August 2020. Gamertag and NID are the online identities for the player characters in this game. You can create as many character names as you want to, the game saves this identity's in your profile and enables you to use them any time you want. Online games such as these are very popular these days. There are many kids playing them as well as adults. Parents are normally concerned with the safety of their children and online games like these are no exception. However, it is not necessary to worry about this. The first thing you need to do is to create an account with Bungie. Then log in and choose the gear tab, which requires the gamertag you want to play as. After this, you can start playing The Outpost online game. Also select your desired gender and then choose the type of character you want to play as. When you start playing, you will find that the graphics of the game are good and the game is very enjoyable. The colors are bright and the graphics are simple. Therefore, this makes the game very attractive to the players. Of course, the game is not complete. The only way to make it complete is to upgrade the character of the player, which you can buy with cash or gold in the game. If you have found this article to be of use, I think you will be interested in the game. It is not all that difficult to play. However, it is a challenge to a player to be able to reach the end of the game.
1917   US-Flag
Genres: Action , Drama , History , War   | TMDB Rating: 8.4 | Info 1917 Quality: Quality 1917 Quality: Quality
Vidtodo 1917 Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
The year 1917 is regarded as the beginning of the serial movie genre. It is due to the fact that the serial format was the first form of mass media, which consisted of an uninterrupted and continuous sequence of movies. In the beginning, the movie production was limited to only a few cities in USA, the story was very simple yet captivating. That is why the word serial seems to be synonymous with any serial movie in this era. Each serial contained one story and as per the seasons the stories changed. This gave rise to a whole lot of sequels, spin-offs and collaborations in serie. In the first year Serial films became very popular and were shown in theatres to promote the cinema as a whole. The serial movies were unique as they are not restricted to being film serial. In serie the industry grew by leaps and bounds as it had only one form of entertainment for everyone. With the advancement in technology serie came to a different phase and moved into more interactive media. Audio serie was followed by video serie. Video serie was becoming more popular in the later years as many audiences were becoming aware of the advantages of watching films on television rather than in the movie theatres. Like in serie, Film industry too was also encouraged to expand and as time went by many types of films were made. Today there are various formats in which the cinema is exhibited and movies are not only shown at the theatre but also on various other mediums such as DVD, Video, VCD etc. Also the use of online space has made it easier for people to get to know about a movie as well as the actors and actresses involved in a movie. In serie the popularity of a movie depended on how good it was or what genre it belonged to. Most of the serie was comedies as they were great and often based on popular stories. The role of serial is less important in serie today than what it was earlier. There are more reasons why serie was never as popular as the serie, the role of the MPAA and of censorship was a huge factor. Nowadays only the lead actors can get into the competition when making serie. In serie the cinema owners were reluctant to show films. Some of them even wanted to stop the serie or their distributor would take over the company and not let the serie release. The problem was solved when all the major cinema owners decided to cooperate in the promotion of serie, which eventually helped serie to grow in its popularity. The very first serie of serie was The Black Cat. The serie of serie made its first appearance on the first day of summer. The serie was a huge hit and gained immense popularity in both the serie theatres and the cinema halls. The serie was a huge success and is considered to be the first movie serie in serie history.
Wasp Network  
Wasp Network   US-Flag
Genres: Drama , History , Thriller   | TMDB Rating: 7.3 | Info Wasp Network Quality: Quality Wasp Network Quality: Quality
Vidtodo Wasp Network Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
Wasp Network:
The Wasp Network is a superb online movie showing a movie that has more than one release date. The Serie, a nickname for the international version of the show, has a release of its own, so it's an event to watch. What's not to like about this! The series runs seven episodes each and it's fun to follow the series as the story unfolds. There are several major characters in the series and the viewers are encouraged to read a little into their actions and reactions to the various twists and turns of the show has to offer. Since the movies are released online, watching these movies on the internet is all part of the fun. It's not just that you can get to see the movies; it's that you can also be a part of it. There are several servers from where you can watch the shows, which are readily available for viewing when you watch the series. One server is often used as the service provider, but there are others that use the service to give fans access to some of the films as well. With the online website, you can be in anywhere you want to be. Even if you're not at home, you can still enjoy some of the movies. Watching online movie on Serie is often times a lot of fun. You get to see a new rendition of the classic series from over 20 years ago, along with other original productions. Most of the original cast is back together, so you can enjoy some of the best moments of the show. Some of the original voice talents are still around to lend their voices to the stars, so you can hear the voice of your favorite actors as they usually do. The movies are very charming and entertaining. Some of the old favorites such as Jupiter Ascending, Dallas Buyers Club, Bridesmaids, Chappie, Interstellar, Rango, Ex Machina, The Spectacular Now, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and The Book Thief, among others, have been revamped in the most recent movies. These new movies provide a different feel and vibe than the originals, and are a great way to catch up on the series. The network is also known for the animated series created by Alex Hirsch, which has several full episodes now available online. It was recently announced that the new series would replace the earlier series, but this won't happen for quite some time. There are two reasons why the online movie network is a valuable resource for fans. First, it is a very good way to view the series on a monthly basis. While it would be nice to have your own copy of each of the movies, the online experience is perfect for fans who want to be in touch with the movies and watch the show at the same time. The next reason is that if you want to take part in the discussion board or to see comments from other fans, you can do so online. The best part about the online network is that if you don't get bored watching the original series, you can always visit the Serie website to check out the newest offerings. However, if you prefer to stay connected with the original web series and want to continue viewing the movies, the series is a great option for you. This website is also full of links to other websites that you can visit while you're enjoying the show. No matter what you want to do, you can enjoy watching the movies online. The shows are available on many different servers, so you can access them from any computer on the internet. With a little bit of research, you can find a server that gives you access to the movies you want.
Midway   US-Flag
Genres: Action , Drama , History , War   | TMDB Rating: 7.6 | Info Midway Quality: Quality Midway Quality: Quality
Vidtodo Midway Vidtodo Quality: Quality
Streamplay Ready Player One Streamplay Quality: Quality
In a lot of movies that I have seen, Midway or Over The Top is the movie. While it's been a while since I've seen this film, the movie is so good that I always find myself watching it again. Now don't get me wrong, there are many good movies that happen to have been released during a time where there were no great movies coming out. However, there are some great movies that happen to be released during the golden age of Hollywood, and this movie is right up there with any of them. The Midway movie is so good because of its storyline and characters. You don't have to have seen the movie in order to be able to follow along with what is going on, but seeing it again will really help you understand the story and the characters. Because it was made in Hollywood, the actors had to be very good, and they didn't do a whole lot of wrong things to make you hate them. The acting throughout the movie is excellent, and one of the most memorable scenes in the movie happens to be where Hoot McAvoy yells at Don Knotts for shooting up his tobacco. If you want a movie that is full of characters and plot twists, this is the movie for you. Another reason that this movie is good is because it does not end with a happy ending. At the end of the movie, Hoot tells Don Knotts to suck it and never to smoke, and Don says that he can't do that, because he is already done with him. So, Hoot leaves him with the choice to either get rid of his bad habits or leave him behind. Don Knotts chooses the latter, and he dies of lung cancer a few years later. But don't let this negative plot keep you from watching the movie. After all, it's not like the characters didn't die a horrible death, and one of them died by shooting himself up, so you'd better see it to know what happens. As a movie, this is really good, and it is probably my favorite movie that has ever been made. When watching this movie, I also found it to be a great movie to watch when there is an extended home entertainment release for the movie, because this movie has a wide range of genres that will appeal to fans of action, thriller, romance, or comedy. Even though this movie is more action packed than the earlier ones, it still has much to offer fans of these genres. The movie is also fun to watch with your children because there are funny scenes that have nothing to do with the characters or the plot, and it will keep your kids entertained. For those who are more serious about movies, I would suggest that you watch this movie with no problem, because it has the movie with a six pack to get a hard time getting through it. With characters that die, get shot up, or fall off a cliff, the movie might seem quite realistic to some viewers, but it is the magic of Midway that makes it so special. And when you have an action packed adventure movie like this, what other movie will you see? Overall, this is an exciting movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat for many hours. It has some excellent acting, plot twists, and an ending that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This movie is definitely worth a watch. Like I said before, it doesn't have much to do with the main plot, but if you are a fan of action, you will love this movie. Overall, this is a great movie that any movie lover will enjoy, whether it is a comedy, drama, or action flick. So, grab yourself a copy of Midway to see it for yourself.

Title Year Quality TMDB Rating Language
The Outpost
smiley     7.7 / 10 US Flag
smiley     8.5 / 10 US Flag
smiley     8.1 / 10 US Flag
Escape From Pretoria
smiley     7.7 / 10 US Flag
Wasp Network
smiley     6.8 / 10 US Flag
smiley     7.9 / 10 US Flag
smiley     7.6 / 10 US Flag
The Irishman
smiley     8.2 / 10 US Flag
Schindler's List
smiley     9.2 / 10 US Flag
An Officer and a Spy
smiley     7.5 / 10 US Flag